To all participants: Read everything carefully. This is ALL you need to know to be able to go to the larp but also everything you need to know for 600 people to be able to share a space.

You who are younger than 18 and go without parents or guardians, show them this information.

At the very bottom of this page you can find information for you that are dropping off someone at the larp.

Practical info is divided into several parts:

  • Dates and times
    • Check in
    • Information meeting
    • Larp start and Larp end
    • Check out
  • Before the larp
  • Medical care and safety
  • Getting there
    • Cars
    • Parking
    • Trainstation picup
    • Go by public transportation
    • Organizers shuttle
  • Practical on site information
    • Camp locations
    • Fire, water, etc.
    • Larp flea market
  • Game mechanics
  • To parents and other that will drop someone off at the larp

Attared, Örby

Dates & times


Tuesday 3/7 and Wednesday 4/7
Check-in is between 10am-10pm (10.00-22.00)

No cars will be allowed into the site after 21.30 on Wednesday, this because the check-in have to be able to close at exactly 22.00.

No one are allowed to drive down into the area on other times! This is due to safety, the road must be open for emergency vehicles.
Please arrive on Tuesday and as early as possible, to make the queues more manageable.

If you plan on arriving after check-in or during the larp you have to contact us beforehand at If you arrive during the game you will have to arrive in-game with all your things. Find an organiser as fast as possible to get checked-in, to get a parking permit and everything else you need.

Mandatory information and rulemeeting at 7pm on Wednesday. There will be an information meeting in English.

The larp starts with kickers at 11 pm on Wednesday. A kicker is an arranged scene that starts the larp. You will be given a kicker to attend in your plot document. If your plot document is in Swedish, please email us if you need a translation.

Larp starts: Thursday 5/7 at 1 minute past midnight (00.01) on the night between Wednesday and Thursday.
Larp ends: Saturday 7/7 around 11pm (23.00) on the night between Saturday and Sunday.

Check out: 

Sunday 8/7, the check out opens at 8.00 am.
The waiting times might be quite long, plan for this by having something to eat and drink.
How it works: You, your group and all of your stuff need to be at the court/turnabout/roads end before your driver is allowed to start queuing to drive and pick you up. Your campsite also have to be cleaned and ok’ed by a organiser och crew. Please do all this before the driver leaves to get the car, then all will work more smoothly.

IF YOU NEED TO LEAVE EARLY PLEASE CONTACT US! We need to be sure everyone is safely off the site on Sunday. If you leave before checkout, you have to carry all your things up to the parking as no cars are allowed on the road outside of organised check in/check out-times.


Before the larp

Age-limit: Weapons may only be carried by participants OVER the age of 13 at the start of the larp.
To play a fighting character or participate in a fight you must be OVER the age of 13 at the start of the larp.

Languages: The official languages is English and Swedish but other Nordic languages may be used. Everyone that can understand Swedish and English off game understands it ingame, everyone have to speak English when spoken to in English if they have the ability.
Using fantasy languages such as Elven, Orchish and so on is encouraged.

Our vision: Our vision is what is most important to us. Read the whole view here.
Some of the most important things to know from the vision when you are larping are:

Do you want to insult someone used just larp-attributes.
What does it mean?
Use insults which are linked to the larp world, insult Jormsgård, magician, adventurer, hero blood player, chaos fanatic or wizard of Maga.
Do not insult anyone based on the look of hat person, what gender you think the person belongs to, having glasses or any sexual orientation you think the person has. Thus insulting only characters and not the player.

Our games are inclusive, everyone can be with everyone and everyone can play what they always dreamed of playing. No matter who they are outside the team. In our larp world, things like sex, skin color or sexual orientation play no role whatsoever.
We want you to uplift each other and affirm each other’s games and characters.
We want everyone involved in the Lazarus Project to help each other to a better larping experience.
We are the project that says yes, which you can help us by being nice and inclusive to your fellow players. Even if someone might mix up two Kazygian cities.


Don’t bring more things than you and your group can carry by yourselves a longer walk. It’s super cosy with a lot of stuff in the camp but you will have to carry your stuff by yourselves, take this into account when packing.


Medical care and safety

Medical care: The larp has a medical team (Sjukvårdsteam) with a doctor, nurses and medics.
Contact the medical team if something happens even if you have medical equipment in your group.

If you have a condition you would like to inform the medical team about please send an email to labeled MEDICAL TEAM or SJUKVÅRDSTEAM.

Tips on your own health care pack:

Please bring ORS (oral rehydration salts) such as Resorb, mosquito repellant and bandages for blisters for your own use as we know these are common ailments at larps. Please bring an ingame bottle for water too, you need to drink a lot of water.

Do you take medicine regularly, have asthma, allergies or other, take your medicine. If you can get bad fast, make sure your group knows where the medicine is and how it works.


The larp has a safety-group that you can turn to if you feel unsafe in any way. If you feel threatened or uneased by another player contact the group and we will be there for you! 

Your safety is of our uttermost concern. Contact an organizer anytime you feel anything of the above.

Emergency phone:

For emergency situations, organizers / healthcare can be reached by phone:
+46761651048 and +46763019826
Respect that it is an emergency number.
An emergency situation is something that can not be resolved otherwise and needs to be fixed immediately.
Note that this is also our emergency telephone for calls to, for example, the alarm center.

Getting there

Directions on how to get to the larp area will soon be uploaded here.



Getting in to the area by car: There is a car parking area up by the main road. There you can place your car in designated location during the larp. When you arrive to the area by car you will be admitted in to the area to unload the car. This is done in caravans. Cars may only be driven in to the area with the approval of the organizer who meets you at parking. When you have unloaded, you will return to the parking lot with the car once you get the clearance.

The parking costs 50 kronor per vehicle, which means that a trailer costs another 50 kronor. This is paid on site by card, and the fee goes to the landowner. Once you have paid for the parking, you will get a parking permit to be placed in your front window of the car. Please always TURN OFF you engine while waiting. Even if it is hot outside!
ALWAYS  park in manner that allows rescue vehicles such as ambulances, firetrucks or rescue services, to get by even while waiting or they will ram you off the road.

No cars in addition to the event’s cars may drive down the area after 21:30 Wednesday the 4/7 and until 8:00 Sunday the 8/7. For your safety, we want the road to be free for emergency vehicles only.

Train station pick-up

You can ask to book a trip with us from/to Kinna station. It costs 200kr per car we send and the car can take 4 passengers with some luggage or fewer with more luggage. Payment is made to the driver. You can ask for pick-up during check-in/check-out hours only.

Deadline to book pickup is JUNE 24th 2018!

Requests can me made to marked STATIONSPEDELN or STATION COMMUTE.
Even the ride back to Kinna station have to get booked before June 30th.


Go by public transportation

Take the train to Kinna station. Bus 320 to the bus stop Attared. It will take you directly to the check-in point. This is a great option!
Please note that there is only one bus taking you back on sunday, 11.50.


Organizers shuttle

Pack easily! All cars will not go down to the area. Those who get a ride (see more info for parents and others giving a lift at the bottom) can jump off at check in and wait to be picked up by the organizer car. This is to reduce queues.

Practical on-site information

Important about the area: We have the pleasure of being in a very beautiful area with old farmland.
It is NOT allowed to move stones on the site.
Most stone collections are farms, heights and ancient grounds. Basically, all this is heritage-protected and thus even protected by law. Do not walk on deforestated areas due to planting and small trees can be damaged.

Coarse, dead trees, both landscape or standing, are valuable to nature conservation, which hosts many species of insects and fungi. They will be left where they are.


Camp locations:

Please note that you can not reserve campsites before the larp, they will be assigned on site.

The majority of camp sites will be on the three big meadows, see below. If you want to live in the woods there are also a number of good campsites.


The Meadows: From the court/turnplace/end of the road there is a path called “Älgstigen” (the Moose path). Along this there are three meadows that house most of the camps and important functions.

The first one is called “Marknadsägen” (the Market), it’s the closest to toilets and water and it will house all groups that have children and young beginners. Here there will be no fighting allowed after 21.00(9 pm) and you will have to be quiet after 23.00(11pm).
On this meadow there is a small cabin where the organisers with children will stay. In the corner close to the cabin there is a newly built bridge to allow access to the island.
The second meadow is called “Hjälteblodsängen” (Blood of Heroes-meadow) or short “Blodsängen”(Bloodmeadow). This is where Blood of Heroes will be played, but also where the organisers camp and the medical team have their camp. The organisers are called “Lazariter”(Lazarians) ingame if you need to ask for us ingame.
The last meadow is called “Härängen”(the Meadow of Armies), this is where we will place larger groups of adventurers and the like.

Here is a map of the whole area:


Fire: Fireplaces may only be built on the authority of an organizer who will help you find a suitable location. After building a fireplace an organizer must approve it before use. ALL FIRES must have a bucket of water by them at all times! This is a safety measure for ALL participants.

Anybody who fails to abide the fire rules will be asked to leave the larp.
If you want to preform with fire your performance must be approved by an organizer. Email us at and mark your email ELD or FIRE.

In every main “camp” there will be fire extinguishers to use if a tent caches fire. We encourage you to bring your own as well if you have a tent. There will also be fireblankets that are to put out fire on persons. If you have one please bring it as well.

There is a lot of grass on-site and July is often dry. NEVER put out cigarettes or anything alike in the grass!

There might be prohibition against campfires at the time, then no one will be able to light a fire. Prepare for this risk.

Water, wood and sanitation (and more)

Water: The organizers will provide drinking water for all participants.
DO NOT WASH in the drinking water! Use the water from the stream to wash yourself. Use ONLY soap/schampoo/conditioner that is NON-TOXIC to the environment! DO NOT CONTAMINATE THE STREAM.

Do not forget to take care of yourselves, even in the forest hygiene is important!

Wood: There will be a limited amount of firewood available. If you need firewood to cook for a large group we suggest you bring your own.

Sanitation: We will have portable toilettes in strategic locations. Do not larp on conflict or confrontation at these locations. Everyone deserves to pee and poop in peace. 

USE THE TOILETTES NOT THE FOREST. The exception being “pissing poles” that the organizers have given approval of. Remember that we are 600 people, even if you can don’t pee in the woods outside dedicated locations.

Trash: There will be a container on-site to throw garbage in. All garbage must be thrown into the container. Those who live in the forest must bring their trash to the container. Please take care of the forest!
If you live in a forest camp do NOT leave food out as it can attract wild boars.

Money: If you want to buy things from the shops that sell food, clothing, armor, etc you will need real off-game money. Please be discreet.
Some shops will take card or Swish.
If you have not paid in advance you may pay for the larp or parking on-site.  We take card payments at check-in!

Accommodations: You will need to bring you own tent, pavilion or other in-game looking accommodation. Only tents that have a historic or fantasy feel will get to camp in-game. We have an off-game camp area for those who wish to camp off-game. The off-game area is about 800 meters from the in-game area.

The larp does not provide tents but we have places in in-game pavilions which we can provide as well as contact info to lend, rent or buy a tent. Please contact us if you need help with sleeping arrangements.

Food: Participants take responsibility for their own food. Some shops sell food onsite.


Larp flea market

Wednesday at 12-16.00 there will be a larp flea market at the place where Blood of Heroes is played. We organisers have nothing to do with this, it’s actually a fun and awesome initiative from participants. Buy, sell and trade stuff for the larp. Bring cash or be prepared to pay with swish(app on your phones).


Game mechanics

Weapons: All fights, threats and similar game options are done with so called “boffer” weaponry such as foam, latex or rubber weapons. All weapons have to be approved at check-in to ensure they are safe to use. NO stealing of weapons.

Physical play in all forms is ONLY allowed if players have communicated off-game how and what will happen BEFORE the scene takes place.

Gameplay that happens in the dreamworld will be conducted by players laying down and closing their eyes while an organizer talks them though the dream, much like regular role-playing. It is of course okay to eavesdrop to this.

Important note!
There will be elements at the larp that are scary, chocking or intimidating such as our monster masks.  They will mainly move in the forest and avoid the areas around the “marketplace” campsite by the path called “Kurirleden” as well as the ways to and from the toilets. Because of this groups with small children will be placed at the marketplace campsite.

Go off-game
If you feel unsure or insecure in a scene or something makes you uncomfortable you should always break game by saying OFF.

If you just wish to talk off game for any other reason, do so discreetly. If you need a break from the game there is a off game area(the off game campsite), there you can smoke regular cigarettes(still NO putting them out in the grass) or do something else modern-like.

Have fun, respect each other, take care of each other and help us all have a fantastic and adventure filled larp!


To parents and other that will drop someone off at the larp.

Here is how drop off and pick up will work at check-in and check-out.
You will have to leave your passengers at the check-in. From there our organisers car will take them down the road one every two hours during check in-time. If you don’t feel like waiting you are much welcome to walk instead, it’s not very far. About 2km.

If you as a parent/guardian are dropping of a child and want to come down to the campsites and help them set up, you are welcome to do so if you park your car at an by organiser or crew designated spot and walk down.
This if for logistic reasons, but also since the waiting times can be really long.

If you live close by and pick up your child in the evenings, here’s how that works:
No cars are allowed on the road during the larp. This is VERY important because the road is dedicated to medical transports, ambulances or fire trucks during the larp. This is for everyone’s safety.
Please pick a time and meet up at the three-road-crossing next to the parking. Please make sure that cars can pass both to the houses along the road to the right and to the larp if needed.
It’s very important that you stay with your car so that you can move it if you are in the way of, for example, a firetruck.